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Our learning Experiences

Children's Dress up at Buttercups Children's Nursery Stowmarket Suffolk

Our facilities

In each room we offer a variety of learning experiences including spaces to play, a social space for snacks and meal times, a quiet cosy area, a reading area, a space to be imaginative and a space to be creative.


We also provide opportunities for role play, messy play, music time and circle time.

Each room has access to an outdoor area with space to play, explore and investigate.


Our garden has opportunities for water play, sand, planting and digging, construction and investigation.


There is also a sail shade to protect children from the sun on hotter days.            


School dinners


We are lucky enough to be able to offer your child a hot nutritious lunch prepared by the school under the EATS catering company.


Menus vary each week and you are able to choose on a daily basis what your child has for lunch. This is optional - parents are welcome to send their child with a packed lunch. 


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