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Transition to School

Getting your child ready for their school transition

School Children, supporting children with school transition, Stowmarket

The Transition to School, Stowmarket

In the term leading up to your child starting school we closely link with all schools in the local area. This includes teachers visiting your child with us at the nursery and us supporting your child to visit their accepted school for transition sessions.


We help the children become ready for school by encouraging them to develop their independence and self help skills.

In addition to the activities we do with them at school to prepare them, there are also a range of activities you can do with them at home to help them with their transition to primary school.

Ideas to get your child 'SCHOOL READY'

Why not give these activities a try with your child:

  • Singing lots of nursery rhymes and songs and retelling our favourite stories.

  • Counting everything.

  • Hopping, throwing, catching, climbing, balancing, running and baking.

  • Opening lids, squeezing and brushing will make my body ready for mark making.

  • Organising my toys, putting them away and independently getting things I need.

  • Listening for sounds in words and blending them together will help me later to become a 'Brilliant Bookworm'.

  • Recognising my name will help me find my peg.

  • Eagerness to explore, join in with games, take turns and share - this will help me in my play.

  • Asking for help from an adult when I've hurt myself or need the toilet.

  • Dressing myself by putting on my coat, jumper and shoes is something to practice too.

  • You'll be ready to start your exciting school adventure!

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